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Zombie Alert! (Please Forward)

Alert! Zombie Infestation Imminent!

There are new reports of a Zombie infestation & break-out happening this Friday in Los Angeles. Using techniques perfected by San Francisco's Professor Grenzfineski, we are able to detect a brewing influx of Zombie activity. A counter-measure was performed recently in the bay area with the use of a homing beacon. We will attempt to apply the same techniques at several locations during the day --- Friday, Nov 23rd, 2007. The beacon should draw in any mobs of zombies, where they can be controlled by professional Zombie handlers.

  • 1:00PM Pan Pacific Park near 3rd & Gardner, across from the 7-11 - Near the Grove.
  • 2:30PM (tba) - Near the Beverly Center.
  • 3:30PM Mann Chinese Theater - Near the Hollywood & Highlands.

for the latest info, visit: http://www.straycouches.com/documents/zombie-alert/

A recap of basic zombie mob procedures & etiquette (all stolen from www.eatbrains.com):

Show up at the meeting point on time. Arrive dressed as either a zombie (fake blood, torn clothing, vacant stare) or a zombie victim (place a piece of duct tape somewhere visible upon your person, and wear clothes that you do not mind having torn and bloodied). Act like zombies. Attack and “convert” victims. (If you have it, bring extra blood and makup for conversions.) Shamble where the mob shambles. Have fun, but be respectful of innocent bystanders and private property.

  1. If you are wearing duct tape on your torso, the mob will attack you, ruin your clothes, eat your brains.
  2. Zombies will not get blood on innocent bystanders or their things.
  3. Zombies will leave private property reasonably soon after being asked.
  4. Zombies who don’t exhibit these behaviors will be beaten into shape by their fellow horde.

NOTE: Even if you didn’t come to work today in “zombie attire” please JOIN US regardless. A shamble and a moan is more than costume enough, and the MORE zombies, the BETTER. (Or worse, really.)
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