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Operation Chanology

From images like this I followed a trail of links to pages like Operation Clambake, and from there to the group Anonymous... on March 17th, only two days after their March 15th protests. Curses, Molly missed out on all the fun.

Not like I'm exactly the best informed gal on all this Scientology stuff. Sure, they bought out an organization dedicated to exposing cults and staffed it with their own members, and their founder seems to have spent a lot of time at sea avoiding the IRS and threatening the local coastlines with conquest... but I ain't well informed enough yet to pass judgment.

Anonymous' next move seems to be scheduled for April 18th (or is it the 12th?), but a razorgirl like me is finding their website damn confusing. Strangely enough, there don't seem to be any protests in Washington, DC yet... which would be the easiest for me to get to and check the madness out.

Any leads anyone knows about? Any questions? Discuss.
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